Branded Clothing

Branded clothing is a great way to announce your presence in the market. At Glue we use a variety of methods to decorate apparel and brand you up professionally for the market. We have a huge range of clothing and associated items to meet your requirement in any work sector.


Branded clothing is superlative marketing, and we’re well aware of that. That’s why you can choose from a range of decorating methods including embroidery, print, vinyl, and more. We will give our expert recommendations for the best garments and the most practical decoration methods to ensure durability and appropriateness for your line of work and sector.


At Glue, we can source a range of different apparel, all which can be customised to your requirements. Choose from our extensive range of high-quality garments including hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts, work shirts, jackets, hi-vis and anything else you need. We can provide the garments you want and decorate with your brand however you wish. We even provide mock up visuals and sample garments. We do it all for you.


Glue has been around for quite some time, over two decades in fact, and our commitment to professionalism and quality of product and service has a lot to do with our continued success in delivering the best design for you and your brand. We say what we mean, and mean what we say – and you can ask our clients about that too!

Branded Clothing Sheffield Wednesday
Brand Identity Sheffield Wednesday

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Brand Identity NHS
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Brand Identity Made Smarter